Wapenmaps are Romantic

Here are a few romantic reasons why people have chosen particular Wapenmaps to mark  romantic occasions!

‘We got engaged at the top of Scafell Pike last year and have been looking since for something special to remind us of this occasion.’ Cassie

‘Its a present for my daughter and her fiancé as he proposed to her when they reached the top of the Old Man of Coniston! I’m also pleased that you are donating part of the proceeds to mountain rescue. It looks good.’ Satwant

A woman recently chose one of the new hand painted Malham Tarn & Malham Cove Wapenmaps, as she had met her husband-to-be climbing at Malham Cove. She planned to put the Malham Cove Wapenmap on his pillow the night before they got married!

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Malham Tarn


Three Cheers for my Cannon Ixus

cannon2I have used my trusty Cannon Ixus for 10 years, but have decided to put it into well earned retirement. We have photographed 99% of my creative work and all of my leisure images. We are well travelled ……. visited Malaysia, Vietnam, Warsaw, Switzerland, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Brussels, Scotland, Snowdonia and many more places. It has been a pleasure to use, a real classic.

My husband Paul gave me my Cannon as a wedding present, so it will always be treasured…..but now he has given me a Leica C for Christmas! So a new adventure begins….

Leica-2click on images to enlarge


The Old Man of Coniston


The Old Man of Coniston

A very BIG THANK YOU to Coniston Mountain Rescue for rescuing my husband Paul on 14 February 2012.

Wapentac will be giving 50% of all ‘Old Man of Coniston’ Wapenmaps sales to Coniston Mountain Rescue. http://www.wapentac.com/old-man-of-coniston-70-i349.html


Alphabet Spaghetti

I love working with text. There are 3 shallow platters in this series

stainless steel vessel

Alphabet Spaghetti 1 - stainless steel platter - detail

stainless steel vessel

Alphabet Spaghetti 1 - stainless steel platter - 450mm x 300mm x 150mm

stainless steel vessel

Alphabet Spaghetti 2 - detail - 'alphabet' letters insert into platter surface

Alphabet Spaghetti 3 - stainless steel platter - 450mm x 300mm x 30mm

Alphabet Spaghetti 3 - detail - 'spaghetti' inserts into platter surface